„There are so many furniture producers, why have I choose This company?”

  • because they are available all the time on phone, or personally, and they are every time ready to answer to Your questions! Please try it! (Only for  furniture traders!)
  • because You don’t have to wait lots of month for Your order, during 1-2 weeks, or immediately You can bring the chosen furniture!!
  • because in our 600 m2 exhibition room You can make sure of the quality and the reliability of our furniture!
  • because we develop permanently, and apart from old, well-tried products we aim to fabricate new and trendy furniture!
  • because the handling of guarantee we don’t do only on papers, we solve every problem!
  • the cheapest price and the excellence quality we just mention additionally!
  • because we can guarantee a quick, exact, and cheep transport!

Important! You can be sure that we keep our promises in the delivery terms, and this way You will become reliable for Your customers! Let’s see our products on internet, in catalog, or personally, please choose the product, and please send the order. It is very simple! The rest we will organize! Please call as trustingly!  We produce around 40 types of:

  • wall units
  • cupboard elements
  • wardrobes

Beside the production we deal with furniture wholesale too. In our company site we distribute a lot types of – chairs (30) – double beds, single beds (3) – kitchen settees (3) – tables (17) – matrasses (2) To the quality of our furniture we can guarantee cheep prices for a long term, and good quality, with a short production time and with delivery of the goods. The delivery we can organize in the whole country. It is possible, that not we are the biggest producer, but we are the most precise and well organized company. Hundreds of our clients return to us with satisfaction, because they know, that for us the most important is the customer, surveying of the customer’s needs, and the service of the customer. Please visit us to come to know our products, our staff, and our service! On this website every time You can find updated, fresh informations. Please visit us often, and if You have any question, don’t hesitate to call us on our phone numbers. Please contact with us, because Your call is very important for us. If You send an e-mail, we will answer in a short time.